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Teenagers.  Hormones.  Barbed wire...It’s going to be a long war!


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Twitches - Episode 4 of 7

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This remix is another way of viewing the original episodes. This episode takes place when the head of the camp breaks up the confrontation between the sociopathic guard and the new inmates, Coolidge and Yerry.


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The Series


Hogoz (pronounced “hoe-goes”) takes place in a World War II-era ”citizen isolation center” for Japanese American teenagers and others who have been labeled as troublemakers.  Formerly a boarding school on Navajo land, Hogoz embraces the ups and downs of kids behind barbed wire.


This series was conceived as a live-action comic strip, and these page-turning transitions and comic book visual effects attempt to evoke that original concept.

The Real Story


In 1942, the President signed away the “inalienable” rights of tens of thousands of citizens, most of whom were kids and teenagers for “national security.” They were forced from their homes and driven into hastily built concentration camps in some of the most remote areas of the United States.  In these camps, they had zero privacy, poor food rations, and a almost no comforts against a harsh environment.  Some of the young people collaborated with the authorities and spied on their friends in return for privileges.


Seems like a set up for a satirical comedy!

Hogoz ®

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