John Powers is a filmmaker who tells stories in order to make sense of our chaotic world. He tells the stories that he does, women struggling against trauma, because women are the more vulnerable among us. He makes the movies that he does to share these stories with people across the globe.


As a writer-director, he tells stories that draw from turbulent events in our society and yet are grounded in personal and familial relationships. He grew up in Los Angeles and studied Drama at USC. He has shaken hands with Cesar Chavez and Daniel Ellsberg, and he has kissed Anais Nin. He is married to DeBorah Green.


Among the movies most indelible to John are Godzilla (1954), The Night of the Hunter (1955), and Dr. Strangelove (1964). While the B&W cinematography is remarkable, it is the sound design and music score that make each of these works haunting for him. Thematically, each film is about a monster come to life and the struggle of innocents to survive...or not. This may offer insight into John's own filmmaking, which has been in the sci-fi, horror, and supernatural thriller genres.


John is an avid reader, albeit, his choices are predominantly non-fiction. The most influential book that he read in his youth is The Autobiography of Malcolm X. As an adult, he read the entire 7,000-page Pentagon Papers for the production of a stage adaptation of that work; and from that experience, he considers it to be the most important document in the American language.


John began his career writing stories and screenplays for independent filmmaking. At the time, he wrote in several genres: youth comedy, action, and sci-fi. He earned a reputation as a reliable partner for director-producers seeking to develop projects. Street Asylum, featuring Wings Hauser and G. Gordon Liddy, was one of these projects that made it to screen in 1990.


His writing career stalled when several succeeding projects failed to complete financing. He returned to the performing arts to sustain him and his family. For 15 years, he served as a consultant to a southern California cultural arts center where he produced festivals, concerts, dance recitals, and a theater series.


John returned to filmmaking with the tremendous disruption occurring in the industry for both production and distribution. He has begun by producing and directing short films in the horror and thriller genres. The first of these, War Dog (2018), has been shown at more than one dozen film festivals and has received a number of awards. One of his legacy sci-fi projects, Flashout (2019), on which he was both co-writer and co-producer, was released in a limited theatrical run and is currently available on VOD.


























































































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Hogoz Entertainment currently produces stories about American women and the unique horrors that they face. These horrors center around the home, their childhood home. They are desperately trying to return to it or trying to escape from it. These stories have potential to resonate with global audiences and to be exploited across all platforms.


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