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In Nina + Simone, a Black musician, who is haunted by the manipulative ghost of his mother, searches in his dreams to find twin sisters, whom he once directed in a successful club act and had grown to consider as his true family.

Cover Artwork from Nina + Simone the novella

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Writing & Direction


Nancy Brennan

Susan Brennan

Richard Turner, Jr.


Diana Mann - Costume Design

Anthony Canchola - Sound Design

Executive Producers

DeBorah Green

James Powers


Nina + Simone recently was selected as a nominee in the Milan Arthouse Film Awards, a Semi-Finalist in the Palm Springs Shorts, the Madrid Arthouse Film Festival, and the Stockholm Short Festival. It was also accepted for licensing availability on Filmhub. The novella from which the movie is adapted is available. See below for access.



This movie was shot in Los Angeles and Coachella Valley (CA)

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